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5 Fall Fashion Trends to be Thankful For


Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Well, some of us.

As a British woman living in Italy, I usually go straight from carving my Halloween pumpkin to decking the halls with all things glittery. However, I’ve always loved the idea of Thanksgiving – the food, the fall fashion (chunky knit sweater, anyone?) and of course, expressing gratitude for all that you’re fortunate enough to have in life.

After all, even if it is considered a traditionally American holiday, who doesn’t love a big family feast? According to an article from, the Thanksgiving theme is one that spans time, cultures and the globe.

“In ancient times, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans feasted and paid tribute to their gods after the fall harvest. Thanksgiving also bears a resemblance to the ancient Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot.”


A positive trend

If that isn’t enough to convince you that Thanksgiving really is the most wonderful time of the year, I’ll switch from sentiment to science. Being grateful is good for us, says LiveScience. Several studies suggest that an attitude of thankfulness about the positive things in life makes us happier and healthier.

People who express gratitude tend to not only be happier in general, but “also show better cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and have a lower lifetime risk of depression and anxiety”, says psychologist Robert Emmons.


Snug as a bug

Fall for me is a very thankful, not to mention cosy, time for my wardrobe. Fall fashion is the most versatile of all seasons! Now’s the perfect time to experiment with layers and textures in long-forgotten autumnal tones.

Need another reason to be excited about the autumn season? How about the emerging trends? This season’s runways have something for everyone, from fierce jackets to feminine feathers. Check out Elle’s complete guide to get ahead of the top looks.

So it’s decided then – Thanksgiving for everyone! And with it, my first fashion trend to be thankful for.



Fall Fashion Trend #1: The Knitted Jumper

They’re comfy, they’re warm, they come in every colour in the rainbow and with any pattern humankind can imagine. What’s not to love? In addition, over the last few years sweaters have become true fashion pieces, with designers and retail stores alike turning out embellished knits fit for every occasion. So now you can slide (or waddle) from couch to cocktail bar with no more prep than a lipstick refresh.

Mywalit top tip: Keep it contemporary with skinny jeans, a pair of Docs and a trendy accessory like this cross body backpack.



Fall Fashion Trend to be Thankful for #2: Plaid

Is there anything more comforting than the soft and cosy feeling of plaid? I challenge you to find a comfier autumn style. From shirts to leggings to scarves, plaid is a fall fashion must for any wardrobe. This comfy fabric gives instant fall style cred to an outfit, whether you’re a city dweller or true country liver.

Mywalit top tip: Throw on your warmest leggings, a pair of made-for-walking boots and an oversize plaid scarf for the comfiest autumn ensemble known to man. Add the finishing touch with this beautifully textured leather & suede backpack.




Fall Fashion Trend #3: The Long Coat

Ever a fan of the statement coat, I’m very pleased to see long outerwear back on the catwalk. Who says toasty warm can’t be totally chic? Long coats are one of the best ways to stay warm and still look stylish; they give an edge to casual autumn outfits and add the finishing flair to a sophisticated suit. Nordstrom’s creative director Ruth Basloe agrees: “A coat with some kind of drama is a must-have for fall.”

Mywalit top tip: Go for an ankle-length style for that all empowering swish-swish effect, and complete the look with another trending style - the mini bag.



Fall Fashion Trend #4: Power Shoulders

Big shoulders are back in a big way, and I’m loving it! No longer confined to a bygone era, now we can all indulge in one of the best 80s fashion trends. (Many other 80s trends, thankfully, are staying firmly put).

Mywalit top tip: Pair yours with a cross body style with a chain strap for that extra bit of retro glamour.




Fall Fashion Trend #5: Metallics

It’s the season to shine bright, with contemporary metallic tones dominating the catwalks this fall. If you’re not quite ready to dip yourself in gold, try adding a hint of sparkle with an extra gold or silver accessory.

Mywalit top tip: We’ve got you covered with our festive collection in radiant rose-gold and stylish silver.



What’s your favourite fall fashion trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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