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50 Shades of Purple: The 3 fabulous fabrics you need to know


Ever been tempted to try out the purple trend but worried you’ll look more Violet Beauregarde than cover-of-Vogue?

You’re not alone – It’s hard to know where to start with incorporating this bold shade into your wardrobe.

What’s more, there’s a reason why this luxe shade is so closely associated with exclusivity, wealth and royalty – so much so that Queen Elizabeth I banned everyone but close royal family members from wearing it! It was down to the fact that the dye historically used to make purple fabric was so obscenely expensive that only rulers or heads of state could afford to get their hands on purple threads.

Luckily, purple is totally purse-friendly these days and, with shops and beauty counters stocking every hue, from rich plums to sugar lilacs to dusty mauves, you needn’t be worried about being mistaken for Cadbury’s chocolate wrapper!

And whilst getting the shade right is essential, we also think that rocking purple is all about picking a fabric worthy of such a striking colour.

Check out the 3 fabrics that we think make the perfect pairing with the colour purple.


1. Getting (silk) shirty

Want to inject some old-school glamour into your outfit? Look no further than a smattering of purple silk.

Whether it’s a classic purple silk shirt, cocktail dress or stylish scarf, this fabric/colour combo will take your look from run-of-the-mill to regal in seconds.





2. Luxe leather

We might be a little biased, but we think that black leather can be downright boring.

Equally, we get that you might not want to get rid of all your trusty leather wares in favour of a rainbow affair (although we would absolutely encourage it!).

Consider giving your everyday black-leather items a sophisticated upgrade: Swapping that jacket, wallet or pair of gloves for a plum-tone leather will add a touch of luxe without overwhelming your outfit’s colour palette. 



3. Purple(?) suede shoes

We think Elvis got it wrong – Purple suede is a match made in style heaven.

Think mulberry-tone suede boots to take a simple pair of jeans to fashion-week ready, or an ultraviolet shade of suede court shoes to upgrade your well-worn little black dress.




What’s your favourite fabric to wear with purple? Let us know in the comments below!

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