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Feelin' Blue: 3 ways to rock the coolest colour around


Here at Mywalit, we think that the colour blue gets a bad rap.

For years, blue has been synonymous with sorrow and melancholy. It’s more than likely that, in the midst of a bad mood, you’ve admitted to ‘feeling blue’ at one time or another. But is this enduring association of sadness with the colour blue justified?

Well, blue is, quite literally, one of the coolest colours around. The colour wheel, a visual representation of colours according to colour theory, categorises blue as a ‘cool’ colour as opposed to the warmth of red, yellow and orange. As a result, blue is often shunned in areas like interior design for fear of creating a cold and sterile environment.

On the other hand, colour psychology links shades of blue with calmness, meditation and nature. After all, when we think blue, we think turquoise waters juxtaposed with the white sands of a far-flung Caribbean island. We think waking up to a clear blue sky after days of relentless rain. We think the royal-blue wings of bluebirds and butterflies and everything in between… And how could that possibly induce sadness!?

So, in the spirit of shaking up our autumn/winter wardrobe, let’s take a look at 3 ways to reclaim the colour blue and rock the coolest colour around.


1. Eyes, eyes baby

Ice-blue eyeshadow has long been a make-up bag staple – Think 60s Twiggy, or 2003 Blu Cantrell in her classic music video ‘Breathe’. However, the look seemed to fall out of fashion over the past decade in favour of earthy, nude tones.

Enter the new HBO drama Euphoria, lauded by viewers for its bold fashion moments as much as its gritty portrayal of modern teenagers. One of the main characters, Maddy (who is total #makeupgoals), has been lighting up the series with her enviable electric-blue eye looks that feel fresh and high-fashion. With a flurry of Euphoria-inspired make-up tutorials landing online, there’s never been a better time to reach for the eyeshadow brush and give it a go yourself.




2. Denim heaven

Think denim is a summer fabric? Think again. The practical, sturdy, looks-good-with-everything nature of denim means that it’s too good to confine it to just one season.

Bring your staple denim jacket or jeans bang up-to-date by choosing a darker wash – look for inky, midnight blues – and make sure you layer up with a warm jumper.


3. Bag it up

There’s no easier way to add a pop of blue to your look than with a classic leather bag. Whether you’re a tote person or prefer the practicality of a sturdy backpack, bringing some ice-inspired tones to your wardrobe will instantly upgrade a tired, winter outfit.



How would you rock the colour blue? Let us know in the comments below!

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