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Mywalit Colours Wimbledon


Wimbledon may be a quintessentially British event, but it is loved on a global scale. Some meticulously follow the wins and losses, some are glued to the on and off-court drama. Me? I’m in it for the fashion.  

While the dress code for the players might be white, the stands are always a riot of colour! Celebrities and other well-known figures turn out their best courtside style for this prestigious event. Then there are the vivid tones of Wimbledon itself – the green of the grass, the acid yellow of the tennis balls, the red of the strawberries and cream (yum!).

As a colour lover and avid tennis fan, I’ve taken inspiration from this year’s palette of Wimbledon colours to serve you up some of my favourite pieces for your summer wardrobe.


Ace those courtside hues with a wallet or accessory in this Wimbledon-worthy green with a hint of sunshine yellow. You’re guaranteed to shine even if the weather becomes decidedly British! Shop the colour here


You can show off your sporty style with these athleisure designs featuring go-faster stripes. The cross body is the ideal arm candy for social events while the versatile barrel bag is both spacious and stylish.


Why not indulge in the perfect mix of strawberries and cream? The winning combination of intense red and soft pink makes for an irresistibly stylish accessory. See more designs here


Be sure never miss an Instagram-worthy moment with this essential camera bag design. Bonus points – it’s patriotically styled in red, white and blue.

What have been your favourite Wimbledon moments this year? Who do you think will win the Women’s Singles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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