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Spring cleaning your wardrobe: MYWALIT’s Top Tips


In this week’s blog, we’re going to share our best spring cleaning tips and help you get your wardrobe shipshape
and ready for the new season.

Winter has officially ended, and we couldn’t be happier.

Don’t get us wrong – we love a chunky knit and hot chocolate as much as the next person – but there’s something about spring that never fails to put a smile on our face. Think warmer weather, longer days and the first bloom of our favourite flowers. Who could fail to fall in love with spring!?

There’s no denying, though, that we’re currently living through a particularly worrying and scary time. Most of us will now be spending the majority of our time indoors, and it’s all too easy to fall into that trap of binging our favourite Netflix shows in our pajamas all day, every day. That’s why we need to make it an absolute priority to stay busy and occupied.




Here at MYWALIT, one of our favourite ways to inject some positivity into our days spent at home is with a good blast of spring cleaning. And the best place to start? Your wardrobe, of course!

After all, what could be a better way to use all this extra time on your hands than getting organised and looking forward to the new season? That’s not to mention the massive mood-booster that an immaculately tidy, colour-coded wardrobe will give you!


Starting your spring cleaning

But if the thought of getting stuck into your wardrobe fills you with more existential dread than enthusiasm, you’re not alone – 1 in 4 of us admit to having disorganised wardrobes, and 47% of us struggle when it comes to deciding on which outfit we should wear to work (Perhaps suggesting that wardrobe disorganisation affects a little more than 1 in 4 of us!)




So, how can you actually achieve that enviable, ever-organised wardrobe? Well, we’ve put together some of MYWALIT’s top tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe to help you kick-start your decluttering efforts. Just don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments below!


          1. Out with the old

Perhaps one of the best ways to begin a wardrobe blitz is by following the sage advice of organisational guru and decluttering queen Marie Kondo. Her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, along with her hit Netflix series, shows us exactly how to transform our wardrobes in just a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Marie likes to take things one step at a time, and work through clutter in categories rather than room by room. This could mean sorting through all your dresses at the same time, then your bags, and so on.


  • She recommends starting by gathering all your items from one category and dumping them in one big pile on the floor. Sounds counter-productive? Well, there's a method to her mess!




  • Next, she suggests picking up each item one by one and asking yourself if it ‘sparks joy’. Does that rainbow-striped jumper make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or do you loathe so much as glancing at it? If it’s not the former, it’s time to let it go – But not before ‘thanking’ the item for its service!


  • Decide whether you’re going to donate it to charity (if it’s in good condition), or if it needs to be binned.



          2. Seasonal Swap

Why not invest in vacuum storage bags to keep your seasonal clothing neatly stored away until you need them?

This is the perfect time to start packing away the puffer coats and swap them out for your favourite pair of pedal pushers!

What’s more, you could end up increasing your wardrobe space by 50% or more!



          3. Track your Wears

This wardrobe hack is perfect for keeping you accountable and tracking which items are eating up valuable space in your wardrobe.

Organise your wardrobe by taking out all your clothes and reversing them so that the hangers are facing outwards. Then, each time you wear a piece of clothing, hang the item back up the right way around.

After just a few months, you’ll realise which pieces never see the light of day... Making it much easier to justify getting rid of them!




          4. Pause, Think, Buy

Here’s a great tip to combat any impulse buying: Once you spot a piece you’re desperate to purchase, wait 48 hours before actually taking the item to the checkout.

This’ll ensure that you’re not buying clothing and accessories based on your mood alone. What’s more, you’ll be more likely to choose high-quality pieces that’ll outlast fleeting trends, as well as saving precious pennies. Win-win.



          5. Colour Coding Queen

Not only will your wardrobe look pretty darn Instagrammable, but colour coding your clothes and accessories will make it 10 times easier to roll out of bed and grab a perfectly coordinated outfit.

It’ll also help you figure out where you could do with adding a splash of colour (Not that we’re biased!)

So, have we convinced you to give your wardrobe a spring clean yet? Don’t forget to tag us in any wardrobe #selfie snaps!




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