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E-Gift Card 300 USD

E-Gift Card 300 USD

US$ 300.00


Looking for the PERFECT GIFT? Skip the guesswork and let them choose what they love! With our MYWALIT Gift Card, you're just a few clicks away from surprising someone special. Simply select the amount, and voila - instant happiness delivered!

Product Details

Product information
  • Mywalit offers customers the opportunity to purchase prepaid gift cards exclusively for online shopping on the official Mywalit website.

  • The Digital Gift Card can be purchased in 3 different currencies: US dollars, euros or pounds. This credit can be used only on the sites of the purchased order.

  • The Digital Gift Card is emailed to the buyer, who may forward it to their chosen recipient. Upon receipt, the gift card can be used instantly.

  • Your Gift Card is valid from the date of purchase until the 31st December of the following year.

  • Any unspent funds will remain in the recipient's wallet, ready to be used for subsequent purchases. The remaining balance can be verified by contacting our customer service at

  • Please note our gift cards are digital and sent via email. We do not provide physical gift cards.

  • Discounts or other promotional offers cannot be applied to Mywalit Gift Cards.

  • In case of a product return that was bought using a gift card, the refund amount will be issued as another voucher (excluding shipping costs and equal to the return value).

  • For any queries or concerns about our gift cards, contact our customer service team at