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10 Things I've Learned From My Dad


As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about my Dad and the influence he’s had on my life. Even though we live in different countries, (me in Italy, him in the UK) thanks to the wonders of modern technology I can see him whenever I want by just clicking a video icon! Sometimes I don’t even notice the distance, but sometimes I notice it a lot. Another thing I notice as I get older is how I’m starting to act like him. I’m totally picking up his habits! 

So I decided to take the good with the weird (and sometimes downright nonsensical) and put together a list of ten things my dad has taught me. How many similarities will there be with YOUR Dad? Read on to find out.


1. Always Have a Back-Up Plan.

This is one of the useful ones. It referred more specifically to money. My dad taught me to always have a change purse stashed somewhere when I went out, so in the event that I lost my wallet, or my cards didn’t work, or my phone was dead, with some cash on hand I at least had options. I still do this to this day! I currently have the Large Coin Purse in my glove compartment, waiting for its next adventure.



2. Keep Your Documents Safe.

My Dad was always the designated document holder on our family holidays. Who else had this?! My Mum would organise all the activities, pack everyone’s suitcases, wake us all up for the early morning flight (the list goes on) and my Dad had ONE job: turn up, and hold everyone’s passports and documents. Needless to say, he took it very seriously. So one year I bought him our Travel Wallet.. and one for myself too!


3. Mind Over Matter.

According to my Dad, when I was cold I wasn’t really cold, it was all in my mind. All I had to do was imagine I was warm. Simple, right? No, it’s WEIRD. Whose Dad also continues to do this?! Post in the comments!


4. Try New Things.

Famous for having had a million hobbies and each never for longer than five minutes, this was my Dad’s mantra. So whether it’s finding a new passion, trying a new flavour or just adding a new colour to your wardrobe – do it! Take a look at these colours and see what catches your eye!


5. First Impressions Are Important.

Interviewers want to see that you’re organised, my Dad always said. Go to a job interview with a good work bag. Take things like your laptop and an extra copy of your CV, so they’ll see you’re prepared. When it comes to good impressions, our Business Briefcase will not let you down.



6. Always Take A Book.

Like many people, I love a good book. Also like many people, I hate queuing and waiting rooms. (Stay with me.) My Dad bought me a Kindle last year and now I take it with me everywhere! Long line at the bank? 10 people ahead of you at the doctor’s? No problem! I slip out my Kindle and mentally disappear. I love my Kyoto Small Clutch for this. It’s the perfect size for my Kindle plus a few essentials.


7. Go Big Or Go… Easy?

My Dad cooks two things – an elaborate roast dinner with all the trmmings that takes hours… or omelette. There is no inbetween. It’s either slaved-over perfection or immediate hunger satisfaction. All or nothing.


8. Make Lists.

I have a memory like a goldfish, so lists save my life on a daily basis. Whether it’s work or personal, they help to keep objectives in my mind and plan out my time. I keep mine in our A4 Document Case.


9. Travel Whenever You Can.

Whether it’s half-way round the world or a simple weekend away, travelling will enrich your life, my Dad said. And he was right. I’ve got packing a flight bag down to an art now thanks to him! And for carrying around while sight-seeing? A mywalit travel organiser is just the ticket.



10. Never Miss The Opportunity To Tell a Dad Joke.

Rolling eyes and exasperated groans are like music to his ears, I swear. But secretly we all love them... right?


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Don’t forget to let me know the useful, bizarre or amazing things your Dad has taught you! Catch my article on how to choose the perfect men’s wallet here.

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