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5 must-visit European destinations inspired by fall


Summer dresses swapped for sweaters. Post-work cocktails al fresco traded for Netflix marathons curled up on the sofa. Invites to October parties with an obligatory fancy-dress theme slowly piling up in your inbox… You’ve guessed it: Autumn has well and truly arrived.

Unlike all you sun worshipers out there, here at mywalit we certainly won’t be mourning the end of summer. After a blistering season that bagged the title of one of the hottest months since records began, we can finally put our fan collection back into storage and embrace a cooler climate.


Fall: The fashionista’s favourite season

Temperature aside, there’s one major reason we’re so excited about the autumn season... Enter fall fashion.

Fall is the fashionista’s favourite season because it’s so incredibly versatile. You can upgrade last summer’s styles with a bang up-to-date jacket, use layering to experiment with your look and, fortunately for us shopaholics, you don’t have to feel guilty about investing in new threads this season – after all, they’ll be transitional pieces that will serve you for months to come.


Colour clash

But the best-loved thing about autumn fashion is, undoubtedly, the fall colour palette. In taking direct inspiration from the changing landscape around us, we can expect to see our fall wardrobes brimming with foliage-inspired auburn and golds, mature, deep pinks and cool blues.

That’s not forgetting that, back in February and March, the top luxury fashion houses showcased their Autumn/Winter 2019 collections and inevitably inspired this season’s must-have colour trends – This year, you can find us hunting down Merlot reds, Dark Cheddar yellows and soft beiges.


Time to pack your bags!

So, as you begin to reassess and reassemble your 2019 autumn wardrobe, what could be better than getting outside and soaking up this fall’s colour trends for yourself? Allow us to suggest the must-visit European destinations inspired by this fall’s palette.

Whether you’re a sightseeing aficionado or a shopping queen, there’s never been a better time to inject autumnal vibes into your everyday. Perfect for a weekend away, each of our five destinations will get you excited for autumn quicker than you can say, “One Pumpkin Spice Latte, please.”



Amsterdam (Netherlands)

As one of the worlds coolest capitals, Amsterdam promises art, history and Dutch charm in abundance – and autumn is the perfect time to visit the City of Bridges to see it at its best.

The trees lining the canals boast a golden, sugar almond shade, reminiscent of Oscar de la Renta’s A/W19 collection.

You’ll also spot splashes of deep pink from the blooming flowers perching on every bridge. If you want to explore the city like a local, grab a helmet and get pedalling. Cycling is huge here, and it’s undoubtedly the best way to spend an autumn afternoon in the ‘Dam.

Mywalit top tip: Pack light if you’re heading out on two wheels. Our Chianti Zip Round Multi Purse with Shoulder Strap is the perfect way to keep hold of the essentials, all while blending in with the shades of the Amsterdam streets.



Chianti (Italy)

We couldn’t create a list of must-visit European destinations without featuring our beloved inspiration behind mywalit’s A/W 19 collection: the world-famous Chianti region in Italy.

Chianti is the dream destination for any aspiring sommelier or foodie. Famous for its Sangiovese ruby red wine, there’s no better way to while away an October weekend than a spot of wine tasting in a Chianti vineyard.

We were inspired by the rich Tuscan landscape to create a palette of wine-red teamed with balsamic brown and ash grey for our latest accessory range.

Mywalit top tip: Our Chianti Laguna shoulder bag is the perfect accompaniment to a smart/casual wine tasting dress code and is spacious enough to take on a countryside day-trip.



Matera (Italy)

Located at the heel of lo Stivale (the Italian boot), Matera is the new kid on the block for curious tourists in search of a unique Italian experience.

The city’s sassi, a series of ancient stone and pale gold-coloured caves carved from limestone, make for a spectacular skyline. It’s easy to see why the city, having been named the 2019 European City of Culture, is enjoying a tourist boom.

But if you hold off your trip to Matera until the autumn season, you’ll find the temperature to be more pleasant, the crowds considerably smaller and the off-peak hotel rates to be more affordable. What’s not to love!?

Mywalit top tip: Matera is perched on a steep hillside, so expect to do plenty of uphill walking. Consider investing in a compact purse, like our Mocha Small Leather Double Zip Purse, to save precious hiking energy. The purse’s autumnal, earthy hues compliment the city’s vibe perfectly.



Lisbon (Portugal)

The gloriously-named Dark Cheddar, a vibrant yellow-orange hue, was a mainstay of A/W 19 shows earlier this year.

To grab a slice of it for yourself, look no further than Lisbon, Portugal’s young, vibrant capital – which is a hive of activity in the autumn months. This sunny shade perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the city, and you can spot it everywhere, from Lisbon’s iconic trams to many of the city centre’s building facades.

Mywalit top tip: Nothing says “I fit in with the cool, young things” like sporting a backpack! Try out our Chianti Slim Leather backpack and you’ll be rocking #stylegoals in no time.



Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Although autumn temperatures at Lake Bled are relatively cool, the lake’s colours are definitely at their most animated during this season.

Discover for yourself why Lake Bled earned its fairy-tale reputation and witness the piercing blues of the water juxtaposed with autumn’s auburn leaves – It’s easy to see why the gorgeous Bluestone, a dusky, chalky mid-blue shade, became one of the hits of the A/W19 runway.

Mywalit top tip: Lake Bled is one of the most popular Interrail destinations, and for good reason – Train travel is the best way to glimpse the breathtaking beauty of the Slovenian landscape. Interrailing does require a certain level of organisation, though. Keep all your important documents safe with the Chianti Flapover Travel Organiser.


What’s your autumn must-have shade? Do you have a destination you’re dying to visit over the next few months? Let us know in the comments below!

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