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Trick or Treat? Our top 4 Halloween-inspired looks


Pumpkin season is upon us

Halloween is just around the corner (I know, where did Autumn go?) and for many of us that means stocking up on sweets, making the house look suitably haunted and most importantly deciding on your costume!

The struggle to find the perfect shade of dark lipstick is all too real.

Nowadays, the choice of outfits is overwhelming. Far from just an American festivity, Halloween has become increasingly popular throughout Europe and the competition for best costume is fierce.

However as you try to draw the perfect cat eye or find a suitably sparkly evening bag, have you ever asked yourself why we dress up for Halloween?




Spooktacular: Why We Dress Up For Halloween

If you think about it, there is no other popular holiday for which we so completely transform our looks. So why do it on the spookiest night of the year?

In a recent article by Bustle, spookiness has a lot to do with the reason. The original Celtic festival of Samhain on October 31st was a day when spirits passed over from our world into the realm of the dead.

“Back then, most people dressed in super scary costumes to honor the tradition and to also scare away demonic spirits.”

Around the same time in Ireland, dressing up for Halloween was known as “guising”.

Fast forward to 19th century North America and costume parties for this ghostly night were all the rage, however the outfits remained strictly home-made for now.


Something Stylish This Way Comes

These days, dressing up for Halloween is more popular than ever and, let’s face it, pretty fun too!

From scary to sexy to downright bizarre, celebrities now lead the way for the most creative costumes.

The incredible detail from Heidi Klum as Shrek and the effortless cool of Zoe Kravitz as a low-key vampire at breakfast are great inspiration for this year (depending on your budget).

Whether you pull out all the stops for your look or prefer to keep it a low-key DIY affair, the key is in the accessories to add that finishing touch.


Look 1: Bold in blood-red

We all know it – vampires are the coolest. There are so many famous characters to be inspired by, whether you go for a classic Count Dracula or the pop culture favourite Twilight.

The elements needed for this costume are simple so it’s easy to put together last minute. For maximum impact, go for the classic combo of black and red.

All you will need is a black dress, a dark shade of lipstick, white face powder and some fangs! Complete your look with an accessory in that all-important vampire shade: blood red.

This leather tote bag will add a splash of colour to your costume and store all essentials needed to keep your look chillingly fresh all night.




Look 2: Haunting in multi-colour

We love a colourful costume at mywalit. If you’re a dab hand at makeup, then you might want to try a look inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

It’s a great statement look for any Halloween party and, due to its increasing popularity, there are literally hundreds of online tutorials to choose from.

The great thing about an extravagant look like this is that you can go all-out with your accessories. A statement necklace, bold earrings and a wreath of flowers in your classy up-do will get those Instagram likes rolling in.

Complete the look with a compact yet spacious purse that will complement your look without distracting from its full impact.




Look 3: Bewitching in Black

For a look that will have everyone under your spell, a traditional witch costume is always a guarantee. In the category of ‘oops, I’ve run out of time!’ costumes, this Halloween classic can be put together in a jiffy and on a budget.

Simply take your best LBD, add spooky hat and some stripy tights and abracadabra! A magical outfit.

Complete this look with a spell-binding evening bag like this black-as-night cross body with a sparkling chain detail.




Look 4: Devastating in ash-grey

Definitely among the deadliest looks for Halloween, Zombie make-up doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can decide whether to go for hyper realistic, comical or just a subtle detail and scale your effort based on that choice. In short, you can start with the basics and work up to advanced techniques.

Ready-made Zombie make-up kits are easy to find. But who says Zombies have to be gory? Why not experiment at home with some pale makeup and well-placed glitter?

Then it’s just a case of donning pre-ripped rags, spritzing some fake blood and practising your best undead shuffle.

In case of a mid-evening make-up emergency, take along some strategic items to touch up your look. This charming flapover is the perfect size and comes in classic Halloween colours.




What are some of your favourite looks for Halloween? Do you go all out on your costume or keep it low key? Let us know in the comments below!




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