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What Your Favourite Color Says About You


Everyone has a favourite colour - whether you know it or not! There are just some tones that we’re more drawn to than others. Think of when you’re shopping with friends, you step out the dressing room and someone says – “That colour is SO you.” If I’m feeling in a bit of a style rut, adding a new colour to my accessories releases positive feelings that can totally change my day. Similarly, the mywalit designers love experimenting with different colour combinations to see how it can transform a product. In fact, there’s a lot of psychology around colour and how different personality types are represented by different shades. Whether that’s true or not, mywalit definitely has the colour that you love – we’ve got the whole rainbow!

Colour has the power to influence our decisions, our mood, even our outlook on the day. Lots of colour associations are subconscious, based on experiences and memories.  But some colour-ologists go further and say that your choice of colour comes down to the influence of your personality. So which colour represents you? Read on to find out!


If you love RED/PINK…


You’re energetic, passionate and bold!  You live life to the fullest and love being the centre of attention. Our Ruby colour combines a statement red with a soft pink, which is a calming colour, so you can regulate that energy!


If you love PURPLE…


You’re creative, artistic and intuitive! Details are important to you and you’re a shrewd observer of human nature. You can also be prone to an artistic temperament, so the red and orange shades in our Sangria colour are there to give you a boost when you need it.


If you love ORANGE…


You’re joyful, happy and sociable! You find it easy to express emotion and people are drawn to your warm personality. Our Copacabana colour celebrates this warmth with a vibrant tone of orange, and just a hint of calming blue in case you get carried away!


If you love BLUE…


You’re level  headed, sensitive and reliable! You put importance on having inner peace and a sense of harmony in your life. Our Seascape colour reflects this in two shades of tranquil blue with a touch of yellow to help energise slow days.

Which colour fits your personality? Let us know in the comments below! Explore our complete colour range here


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