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Why Leather Totes Are Still Our Top Choice


We’re calling it: Totes are the best. From their humble beginnings (often as an extra grocery bag for the supermarket, am I right?) they’ve risen to become a true symbol of style. A leather tote is now one of the key accessories for so many of us, and it’s not hard to see why. Firstly, totes are spacious – our ever-busier lifestyles demand multi-tasking, and often the only bag capable of taking this on is one of Mary Poppins-style capacity. You can be prepared for anything with a trusty tote, whether it’s a trip to the gym, a last-minute work meeting or a hungry kid. Almost any situation can be handled with the utmost class. Totes also eliminate the need for multiple bags. Let’s face it; the double bag trend isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it is necessary to keep certain items separate but it can just be awkward and cumbersome, especially if you’re on the go all day. Piling multiple bags into the car or onto the subway? One tote will change your week.

The second (but perhaps most important) advantage of leather tote bags is that they’re stylish. A good tote can be worn pretty much anywhere, and for any occasion. It will be the finishing touch to your outfit for a work event, a dinner date or an early morning flight. A deceptively simple design with clean lines and soft leather makes the beloved tote a style chameleon!


Vancouver Large Leather Tote

I’m in love with this classic tote-with-a-twist. I’ll often find a style like this is only available in neutral colours, so I jumped right on board with this bold cherry-red colour, which I was happy to discover goes with everything! I’m a big fan of all things colourful (can you tell?) so I like to jazz outfits up with a statement shade. If you’re still new to the world of colourful accessories, you can ease yourself in with this beautiful Cobalt blue

In terms of space, I can throw in my usual essentials along with a laptop (Mac), make-up case, lunch, a book and a denim jacket and it’s nowhere near overstuffed. I also like the convenient access it gives to your essentials. If I’m juggling coffee in one hand and need to grab my wallet, it’s an easy manoeuvre even for someone of limited grace like me, because the bag sits right by your side! The design is structured enough that it won’t collapse in on itself, but soft enough to still be satisfyingly slouchy. 

The Vancouver Tote has the added bonus of coming with a leather pouch, which is surprisingly handy. It’s the ideal size for those small items that can get lost in your bag like keys (how much time have you spent rummaging one-handed at the front door?) and spare change, if you’re just popping out on a quick errand and don’t necessarily need your whole wallet.


So there you have it, a girl’s real best friend is a tote bag. They can do heavy lifting, take care of your things and always make you look good. This style also comes in different sizes! If you don’t quite need all the space of the Large, the Vancouver Tote is also available in Medium.


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