Gift Buying For Dad: My Top Picks


Father’s Day is approaching (June 16 for those of you not in-the-know!) The age-old question comes around again – why is it so hard to pick out a present for men? Nowadays there are a lot more choices available than the stereotypical pair of socks. You can gift an experience, a brew-your-own-beer kit, personalised gadgets, the list goes on! I know this because I put a lot of thought into gifts. I like to pick out something that’s original, maybe a bit quirky, a one-of-a-kind.

I have been through every type of original gift for Dad and almost every year it disappears from view the day after, rarely to surface again (unless it’s edible, of course, then it disappears in front of your eyes before you can say “I’ve never actually tried..” ). Every year. That is, until I bought him a Magic Wallet.


It’s become his party trick. He loves putting money in his wallet more than taking it out to spend it! I’ll explain. The so-called ‘magic’ wallet is an affectionate name for the unique arrangement of elasticated straps. You slide some cash into the wallet and with a flip of a panel it’s folded and secured. Now you see it, now you don’t! Pure wizardry. The most successful Father’s Day gift of all time.

The key to it is that while it’s interesting and original, a wallet is also useful. And for my Dad at least, usefulness is key. So if your Dad is like mine, read on to discover the rest of my top picks for Father’s Day gifts.



Medium Men’s Wallet

This guy is slim, pocket friendly and surprisingly spacious. It has everything you need in a neat, compact package from card slots to two full length note sections and a zip pocket for change. Our men’s colours range from the bold (Black Pace – black on the outside, rainbow on the inside) to the subtle (Smokey Grey – modern tones of grey and dusky blue). There’s a shade for every taste. If you’re not sure, you can always go for the all black option! But I’d say be adventurous - what’s life without a little colour?



Slim Leather Backpack

If your Dad or husband commutes to work or travels regularly on business then this slim backpack is for him. Its streamlined design carries a lot without bulking while the wide straps keep it comfortable and flat against your back. Just the ticket for a crowded carriage in rush hour or an overstuffed compartment on a plane!



Voyager Holdall

Men. Love. Holdalls. It’s the slot-everything-in-and-go simplicity that appeals so much. I understand it, but I’m too much of an organiser freak to ever get one for myself! Having said that, this unisex bag has an impressive selection of practical pockets for organising essentials, including small items you want to keep close at hand. It’s made in a lightweight, top quality canvas which also has a waterproof coating so it can stand a bit of wear and tear. Perfect for a weekend away with the guys!

These are my top picks for Father’s Day gifts (some from personal experience!) Make sure you check out my guide on how to pick the perfect men’s wallet or browse our range of Gifts for Him for more inspiration.

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